Exploring new horizons

Working together to get young people excited about technology

The Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen makes learning an exciting experience. Selected exhibits take children and teenagers along on a fascinating journey through the history of the Dornier company and on thrilling ventures into the skies – and beyond into outer space.
Our team of committed museum educators aims to do more than just convey facts. They regularly work with youngsters, asking them questions, actively involving them and doing research to devise innovative approaches and find new ways to foster their creativity, scientific curiosity and historical awareness.
We consider it vital for children and young people to learn about the past – for only understanding how our world and our concept of it has changed can equip them to tackle the challenges of the future. At the museum kids can gain a deeper understanding of history and technical innovation in an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach and learning environment that is very different from the usual classroom experience.

Creativity and the willingness to try new things were the defining themes of Claude Dornier's life and career. He never lost his relish for taking on new challenges, finding them in fields as diverse as aircraft design, textile production and systems technology. In keeping with this spirit, the Dornier Museum wants to encourage young people to think outside the box and see the big picture, nurture their creativity and imagination, and help them develop their full potential by honing their communication skills and powers of perception.

Esther und Silvius Dornier


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