Semi-Scale Vertical Take Off and Landing -
August 08 - 12, 2018

With its developments in the field of miniaturized propulsion and flight control technology, the Model Flying Community is nowadays a pioneer in manned and unmanned aviation.

All model aircraft pilots who own a fully functional jet-powered (turbine or impeller, driven with jacketed and uncoated rotors, electric or combustion engines) Semi-Scale VTOL Surface Aircraft Model with a take-off weight of up to 25 kg and meet the participation conditions are invited to participate in the RC-VTOL-WM.

The RC-VTOL-WM will take place from August 08 to 12, 2018, during the Do-Days on the grounds of the Dornier Museum at Friedrichshafen airport.

At this meeting, the presentation of advanced propulsion and flight control systems for use in VTOL Fixed Wing Aerial Vehicles has priority. Here, in a historic environment and relaxed atmosphere, the innovative Model Flying Community can present its developments to the general public, exchange information among experts and cultivate comradeship and the joy of flying at the same time. The RC-VTOL-WM also includes a series of lectures on the VTOL history, propulsion designs in model flight and a vision of the VTOL future.

Each team entitled to participate will receive a starting bonus in the amount of € 500. A jury will award prices of € 1,000 to € 3,000 to the three best models. 15 models selected by a jury will be admitted.

The closing date is April 28, 2018



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