Bell UH-1D helicopter lands at the Museum

The Bell UH-1D helicopter was “hooked” on its arrival to the Museum. Heavy-duty transport was used to transport the chopper, known by the nickname “Huey”, from Oberpfafffenhofen to Lake Constance. It has been on display since March 30 in the hangar of the Dornier Museum as a special exhibit supplementing the Dornier company’s 100-year history of aviation and space travel.

Produced under license by Dornier, the Bell UH-1D helicopter represents an important milestone in the company’s history. First used by the U.S. Army, it also joined the fleets of the German Army and the German Federal Border Guard in the mid-1960s. The Bell UH-1D, which was additionally called the “carpet beater”, was known above all for its efficiency as well as for its chopping sound. Featuring a high-performance turbine drive system and a power-to-weight ratio several times superior to the piston drive systems used thus far in the 1960s, it offered a large load surface despite small exterior dimensions. Its high payload combined with an exceptional range made it a workhorse for all applications. Over 15,000 Bell UH-1D choppers were built, the most of any helicopter thus far in the Western world.

The helicopter shown at the Museum, with serial number 8105, was built in 1968 and flown until 1994 by Transport Squadron 64 based in Ahlhorn for SAR (Search And Rescue) missions. It was used primarily for transports to and from the Germany Army Hospital in Hamburg-Wandsbek.



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