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The Dornier Museum is a tribute to the Dornier legacy, celebrating the pioneering spirit and creativity of an extraordinary man and recounting the inspiring story of his career and of the company he founded – a story in which "thinking outside the box" is a consistent theme. In keeping with the Dornier spirit, the museum has reserved around 450 square metres for special exhibitions that are drawn from sources other than its own collections and present innovative technology and visionary ideas from various fields.

Friedrichshafen airport
Friedrichshafen airport celebrates its centenary
Life-size replica
of the flying boat "Wal"


Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen

Claude-Dornier-Platz 1 (next to the airport)
88046 Friedrichshafen
E-Mail: info@dorniermuseum.de


Telefon: +49 7541 487 36 00
Telefax: +49 7541 487 36 51
Internet: www.dorniermuseum.de
Claude-Dornier-Platz 1 (next to the airport)  |  88046 Friedrichshafen  |  +49 7541 487 36 00  |  info@dorniermuseum.de
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