The exhibition project around the Lufthansa passenger jet "Landshut" hijacked in 1977


The Lufthansa passenger jet "Landshut" was hijacked in 1977 and decommissioned in 2008. On 23 September 2017, the "Landshut" arrived in Friedrichshafen. Here, the airplane will become part of a permanent exhibition in a new museum building that is currently being planned. The exhibition will focus on the history of the hijacking and on how Germany dealt with 1970s left-wing terrorism. It will depict the events of 1977 within their historical and political context. For this purpose, the "Landshut", a Boeing 737-200 C, will be prepared for presentation and embedded as the central object in the exhibition concept.

The Dornier Aerospace Foundation is reponsible for the exhibition project. 

Funded by the German Federal Government


The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) is funding the creation and implementation of the exhibition concept, including the necessary personnel costs and the preparation of the "Landshut" for presentation. The Federal Foreign Office provided funds for the disassembly and return transport of the "Landshut" and will fund the construction of the exhibition hall.

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