Race Fever - the Motorport Experience

Motorsport Fun for the entire Family

From December 2020

Participation and testing, that's what our new exhibition "Race Fever" is all about. The fascinating world of motorsports is now at the Dornier Museum! 

The fastes cars from many different racing series, a professional racing simulator, multiple Carrera racing tracks, RC racecars as well as a pit stop with tire change provide for your entertainment.

Next to the interactive offers there will also be an exhibition which gives you interesting insights into the history of motorsport: Motorsport milestones, legendary quotes by motorsport icons, racing fever at Dornier in the 1960s when together with BMW a Formula 2 racing car was built.

The start of the exhibition has been postponed!

Due to the current Covid-19 measures and the closure of the museum, the start of the exhibition has to be postponed until further notice.

The exhibition will start at the same time as the reopening of the museum.

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