The Dornier Aerospace Foundation

For love of technology and the fascination of flight

The Dornier Aerospace Foundation

The Dornier Aerospace Foundation, an incorporated foundation under civil law, was established by Silvius Dornier on 25 August 2005. This non-profit organisation is subject to supervision by the Tübingen Regional Council. Founded for love of technology and the fascination of flight, the foundation has the goal of keeping the achievements and pioneering spirit of one of Germany’s most innovative companies alive for future generations.

The Dornier Museum was built to fulfil this purpose. The foundation gathered together exhibits from many countries to create the collection that amazes visitors; it is expanded on an ongoing basis. Generous loans and donations make key contributions to its uniqueness. The establishment of a specialist aerospace library and providing support for science and research in the aerospace field are additional priorities of the foundation.

About the Dornier Aerospace Foundation (PDF)

Contact:<br/> The Dornier Aerospace Foundation<br/> Claude Dornier Platz 1<br/> 88046 Friedrichshafen, Germany

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