Experience the dream of flight

Up close in action

Being able to experience the dream of flight up close at the control stick of a Do-27 aircraft – the flight simulator in the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen makes this possible for students and trainees, and for interested groups and individual visitors as well.

Simulator workshops: an inspiring experience.<br/> In simulator workshops, experienced instructors and pilots help participants to understand the complex subject of flight. After a briefing on theory, inside the flight simulator with an original Do-27 cockpit participants require concentration and nerves of steel to lift off.

The challenge of being your own pilot:

  • fly the Do-27, which travelled the world as a multi-purpose aeroplane.
  • Learn how to use flight instruments such as an altimeter, artificial horizon, and an airspeed indicator.
  • Start your flight at Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen
  • For students 12 and older, trainees, and adult flight enthusiasts

Flight simulator tickets

Flight simulator, 15 minutes
With brief instructions

6.00 EUR

Flight simulator, 60 minutes (reservation required)
Workshop with instructions and supervision by an expert or pilot

65.00 EUR


Opening hours and booking

Opening hours

During the Dornier Museum’s regular opening hours


At the ticket counter


Telephone: +49 (0)7541 487 36 00/Email: besucherservice(at)

Availability at the ticket counter depends on the number of reserved tickets.

Round trip not guaranteed without reservation.

For all flights: check-in at our ticket counter 30 minutes before take-off at the latest.