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Directions & map

The Dornier Museum is located next to the airport in Friedrichshafen. The museum is optimally connected to the Lake Constance public transportation network. Find the map, here.

By car

Visitors who are arriving by car can plan their route with Google Maps. Upon entering Friedrichshafen, follow the signs for the airport. A sufficient number of parking spaces are available directly at the museum. Visitors to the museum and DO-X restaurant can park free of charge for the first 90 minutes.

By train

The Dornier Museum is located directly next to the Friedrichshafen airport train station. Plan your arrival here https://www.bahn.com/en/view/index.shtml or at www.bob-fn.de. Visitors who use bodo travel for less!

Off to see the sights – Baden-Württemberg ticket. The price is based on the number of travellers. The Baden-Württemberg-Ticket costs 23.00 EUR for 1 person and only 5.00 EUR more for each additional person (max. group size  5). It is valid for any number of 2nd-class trips in all regional trains throughout Baden-Württemberg and in the urban trains, trams, and buses in all public transportation networks.

Find detailed information and purchase under:

By bus

From the Friedrichshafen city centre, you can take scheduled buses on line 18 and line 7586 (Montfort line Friedrichshafen-Tettnang) or useline 7394 (express bus) to reach the Dornier Museum. There is an inexpensive combined ticket for visitors from Konstanz.

For detailed information, go to the Friedrichshafen City Transportation System: www.stadtverkehr-fn.de

By catamaran

The catamaran connects the cities of Konstanz and Friedrichshafen every day from 6:02 a.m./08:02 a.m. - 7:02 p.m. (Mon.–Fri./Sat.) or 09:02 a.m. - 6:02 p.m. (Son. and holidays)every hour. Time: only 52 minutes. From the harbour, you can take the Bodensee Oberschwaben Bahn train service directly to the airport in Friedrichshafen. The shipping company offers combined tickets for a round trip and museum admission.

Find detailed information under www.der-katamaran.de

With the ferry (from Switzerland)

From Romanshorn, the ferry will take you to Friedrichshafen once an hour. Time: approx. 40 minutes. For the exact schedule, go to: www.bsb-online.com. From the harbour, you can take the Bodensee Oberschwaben Bahn train service directly to the airport in Friedrichshafen.

By aeroplane

Come with your own aeroplane (approach coordinates: 47° 40′ 17″ N, 9° 30′ 41″ O) or take a public airline. In any event, you will land directly at the museum.

For detailed information and the departure and arrival schedule, go to:
www.fly-away.de, www.germanwings.de, www.lufthansa.de

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