Ideas and visions


All great achievements are joint efforts

Stellar moments of space travel. The fascination of flight.

Dornier’s legacy reflects visions of the future. Entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and vision are still the most important drivers of scientific progress today. This is why the exhibition offers much more than the preservation and documentation of Dornier GmbH’s achievements. It makes 100 years of exciting aerospace history materialize as experience. It fascinates visitors with extraordinary architecture and unusual exhibits, and inspires them with diverse events and special guided tours.<br/> <br/> Experience aerospace history from a very personal perspective. Find out more about political, economic, and social relationships within the context of contemporary history. Discover Dornier’s most significant innovations in the fields of environmental, defence, and medical technology. 

The fascination of flight: visitors can view many historical aircraft, including legendary classics such as the Do-27, vertical take-off-capable Do-31, and Merkur, close up. Venture into space: Sections of an original Spacelab and a walk-through solar system give visitors the feeling that the stars are within reach.

“Can we allow everything that was created by so many passionate people during the almost 100-year history of Dornier GmbH to simply disappear?” Silvius Dornier, Museum Initiator

Image brochure of the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen


A place for cultural exchange

Meeting sport for culture, education, and politics

The Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen intends to inspire, stimulate, and by exchanging a wide variety of viewpoints, not only convey values but also provide suggestions. The designs and projects, specific working methods, and corporate principles made Dornier famous. They find their counterparts in numerous other companies that are known for their pioneering work. In lectures and symposia, the museum not only looks back in time but also maintains an ongoing exchange with the pioneers of today and the future. 

“I hope that the museum with a continuously growing, living collection becomes a place of cultural encounter and exchange – a meeting spot for everyone who wants to learn from the past and is eager to welcome the opportunities and tasks of the future.” Silvius Dornier


Driving new visions

Encouraging young people’s interest in technology together

In the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen, experiencing and learning are combined in an exciting way. Based on selected exhibits, children and teens are immersed in the history of Dornier GmbH, experiencing its venture into the third dimension and the conquering of space.

In active discussion with our museum pedagogical team, children not only learn facts. Their creativity, scientific curiosity, and awareness of history are schooled in the process of asking questions, researching, (re)evaluating, and designing. In this way, children and teens can learn how to design the world of tomorrow by examining the past. After all, a changing world requires new visions for its design. 

The museum is a place for extracurricular learning in which the understanding of technology, history, and innovation is conveyed by means of interdisciplinary, experience-oriented activities. Creativity and the determination to blaze trails characterised the life and work of Claude Dornier. He was eager to take on new challenges, whether they involved the production of aircraft or textiles, or system technology. This is why creativity and an awareness of history are key goals for pedagogical education at the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen. 

Children and teens are not only encouraged to develop their creativity further. Their awareness, ability to communicate, and talent for interconnected thinking are also supported.