Space Travel Exhibition for Children

Who let the Aliens out?!

A Space Travel Exhibition for Little Visitors

Our space exhibition for children is all about the greatest mystery: outer space.

Stars and planets, billions of times. And all around endless emptiness. Man has always dreamed of space. He wants to describe it, discover it, understand it. Thousands of questions arise - just as many as there are stars in the universe.

What used to be just a wish is now possible. Through outstanding technology we come close in the stars: We build rockets and fly towards infinity with space shuttles. On the space station, we've been living off Earth for a long time. Will we ever live on Mars or encounter extraterrestrial life?


Highlights - What can you experience in our space exhibition?

  • Ever seen a real space suit?
  • Admire a Martian meteorite up close Hush, quiet - sneak up on our alien collection
  • Great Lego models from space travel are waiting for you
  • How do you live in space?
  • Discover our Mars station of the future

Exhibition for little Space Experts